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Another week has flown!

There is nothing more boring than a hospital. Especially when you are the one waiting on someone else. My boy and I had to be at Greenville Memorial at 8:30 Tuesday. That is about an hour and a half from home. Then after they got us in a room, we sat. And we sat. And they came and electroded his head. Luckily, as they were doing that, we discovered that the SYFY channel was showing horrible "B" flicks. They are so bad that we love to watch! And to top it off, one of our fave "B" flicks was on! If you haven't seen Eric Estrada in 'Chupacabra Vs The Alamo', well you haven't seen a bad movie EVER! After the boy was wired, we went back to the room and sat some more. We were both relieved when 10:30 rolled around and we could think about going to bed. I am a night owl, but I was ready for sleep by 11. That is how boring a 24 hour EEG is. The nurses and techs were great. The two doctors we met were nice, maybe someone will figure out what is going on with my kid's brain. He thinks that there is just too much brain for his head. He could be right as he is quite smart. :)
We got home early on Wednesday, and even though we had both slept all night long, we went BACK to bed. The chair that turns into a bed wasn't really all that conducive to good sleep. Then Thursday was my daughter's birthday, so we went out to lunch and then home, and cut grass and pruned a bit. One day, my list of "Things Shell Needs To Do In The House and Yard" is going to get done. I just don't anticipate it happening in my lifetime! But that is half the fun, I think!


My SED contribution!

I see I am a few days late, but I figured I would jump up on the SED bandwagon as it careened on by!! This weekend has been busy, the daughter will be home from her first year of college this week, and we have been preparing for that. I take my boy for a 24 hour EEG this week. We may be getting off the anti-seizure meds! He is thrilled. I am happy but also a bit wary as they are not testing him sans medication. It would make me feel better if they would take him off his meds for a couple of days before testing. Even the risk of a seizure would be worth knowing for sure if he was clear. But, I am not the doctor.
Yard/house work is coming along. The flowers on my azaleas are finally gone, so I can go out and prune, prune, prune! Some of them are quite old and woody, so I anticipate several days of sore muscles and sunburn! I am planning on cleaning out the front flower bed next. There is only one evergreen something or other my mom planter there, a lot of mint, and an itty bitty hydrangea. My plan is to put in lilacs because that is the hubby's favorite. I might also put in gardenias or more hydrangeas... just don't know yet. All I know is that as soon as I get the front done, I will work on the side yards. One one side I have an elderly apple tree, on the other I have space for a dwarf orchard. I want cherries, peaches, plums, apples, and who knows what else. Maybe I will be able to work on the backyard NEXT summer!!!
Ahhh, it is good to be back! See y'all around LJ!

Spring, Prompt fest...

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to Spring. This is one of my most favorite times of year. I love the flowers and trees, and going to the shops and looking at everything I want to put in my yard! Unfortunately, a cold snap has hit, and I am not happy about that! Hopefully the peaches aren't killed off. That would make me very sad. As far as writing goes, I am excited about the new promptfest, got my first choice, and am already off and running with it! It is nice to be back in to something I love. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this go around!

Happy Birthday, Toblass!

Here's hoping you had a magical birthday, even if it is a day late!!  

Merry Christmas to us all!

Wishing all the love, peace, and joy of the season to my LJ friends and family!  I hope that everyone's dreams and wishes have come true and here's too a fabulous New Year and all the possibilities and adventures it brings!  Love to everyone!  

SS/HG Quiz!

I made it! I made it!!  Woohoo!  So I got notification that my story 'Stained Glass Shards' is on this week's quiz!!  Can you tell I am excited!  :)  Now, if I can figure out how to get my banner onto my LJ, I will show it off too!! 

Well, I have returned!  It has been a crazy couple of months - this year is already turning into a doozy let me tell you.  School has been going well, I am still doing good grades wise, and I am looking forward to finishing up this course.  I started a part time job in January as a Merchandiser for American Greetings.  I have recently learned why they have a hard time keeping an employee in my area.  I have the responsibilty of 5 stores by myself, and it is NOT as easy as it sounds!  But, the pay is good and I will have me quite a pot o' cash when the hubby and I head to the Caribbean in September!  I am determined to have me a spa day on the boat!  In the midst of all this, my 13 year old son had a couple of Myoclonic seizures, and the day we were to go to the Neuro in Greenville, he had a Grand Mal.  Scared me to death - I will need a trip to the salon to cover the new grays.  So multiple trips to the ER, an MRI, a CT Scan, blood work, and a brief EEG later, and all I get from the Pediatric Neuro is "we don't know but here is some medication and it might change his personality', 'oh, and by the by, if he seizes again record it for me so I can see it'.  He has been a bit irritable and snippy lately and I can tell he gets mad over little things, but I don't know if that is hormones or the meds or both, so I just watch and crack the whip ever so often!  Of course, the 16 year old drama queen thinks I don't love her anymore because I have been a bit over protective of the boy.  The Red Cross said it wasn't a situation they will message the hubby's command for and budget cuts (don't EVEN get me started on that!) didn't allow for leave this deployment, so I had to tell the hubby everything over the phone or webcam and believe me when I say that the only thing I want from him right now is a hug and then a vacation!  I almost wasn't able to get through that phone call because when it comes to family, the hubby is not afraid of tears and panic!  The worst was after the GM and as we were sitting in the ER, my sell rang and I had to explain what was going on.  The boy was in fine fettle because his EMT was a former Army Ranger and he got all kind of cool stories while we waited.  I was scared about the seizure because my only experience was with my dad who was found to have a brain tumor when his stage 4 lung cancer had spread and I had to Red Cross the hubby then too... only that time, they sent him home.  Luckily the scans were all clear, so no one knows anything and diagnosing is a guessing game - but the ER doc thinks it is not real seizures, but stress.  And I found out my boy was being bullied at school.  To the point of violence - one kid punched him in the head.  The school never even notified me about the incident.  But, I am thankful for what we do have and that my baby is as ok as he can be right now, and it won't be long til the hubby is home and then we are on the fast track to retirement!  Even with the dark clouds, things aren't as bad as they could be!  However, I am in desperate need of a shot of something, or maybe a bottle - and I am headed to the beach as soon as the hubby is home.  THAT will make everything all better!   

Boys of Summer!

Got to love college baseball!! And what a couple of weeks it has been! The Road To Omaha, the new stadium there, and once again, my Gamecocks are National Champions! Kudos to the other teams that made it to Omaha - especially Florida. It was a great series. And we are NUMBER 1!!!!!